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Frequently Asked Questions

  Your pressure cooker can go a long way in saving your cooking time and fuel, apart from making food more delicious and nutritious. But to do this, you must make sure that you use and maintain your cooker properly. We have listed out some important points to help you do this.

Q. What is the minimum quantity of water I should take in the cooker body?

A.  One cup of water for every 15 minutes of cooking. If the food being cooked needs water (E.g. Rice or Beans) you need to add adequate water for the food

Q. How do I measure cooking time?

A.  Cooking time is measured from the moment the pressure regulator starts hissing and not from the time you place it on the Regulator Support.

Q.  At which heat level should I pressure cook - High, Simmer or Low?

A.  Start with a high flame and reduce it to simmer as soon as the pressure regulator starts whistling. This means that the required pressure has been built up inside the cooker and now all you have to do is to maintain this pressure. Hence, you reduce the heat to simmer.

Q.  When should I place the pressure regulator? And is there any problem in placing it late?

A.  You should place the pressure regulator the minute the cooker emits a continuous jet of steam. If you place it later, the water might completely evaporate, resulting in the cooker as well as the gasket burning dry.

Q. What is the meaning of 'burning dry'?

A. If you do not place the pressure regulator on time and the water evaporates, the heat generated is first transferred to the cooker body and then to the gasket, burning both. As a result:

1. The gasket will lose its elasticity and life, and will crack when you fold it.

2. Steam will leak through the body and cover of your cooker and food will not be completely cooked.

3. The cooker body may get distorted.

4. The safety plug may fuse.

Q.  Is there any harm in placing the pressure regulator before the steam is released from the regulator support?

A. There is no harm in doing this. Only thing is, cooking may take a little longer as air is trapped inside the cooker. Another advantage of placing the pressure regulator at the right time is that it is an indication of the regulator weight vent and the regulator support hole being clean and clear.

Q. What should I do to make the gasket last longer?

A. After every use, take out the Gasket, clean it and hang on a peg, till you use it again. Do not leave it in the lid. Reverse it after each use. The life of the gasket can be increased by slightly stretching it. This also checks the little leakage of steam that may occur initially.

Q. The Weight starts rotating when adequate pressure builds up. Is it normal?

A. It means the cooker is working perfectly. Nothing to worry about.

Q. If I am in a hurry, can I put the cooker under cold water to reduce the pressure? Is there any danger in doing this?

A. There is no harm as such in doing this. But it is preferable to allow the cooker to come to room temperature on its own. If you pour cold water:

1. The cooker tends to lose its shine faster.

2. If you have used stack and serve container to cook 3 different things, this sudden drop in temperature can mix up the food.

Q. Why is it that the insides of some Aluminium cookers turn Black or Grey over a period of time?

A. This depends on the type of water used in the cooker. Certain minerals present in the water change the color. It is harmless and can be removed by boiling a piece of fresh lime or some vinegar in the water used during cooking.

Q. Can I store the cooker closed?

A. Don't do that as a musty odor will develop in the cooker. Instead, remove the gasket and put it on a peg. Then reverse the lid and place it on the cooker body. This ensures proper circulation of air.

Q. How do I maintain the pressure regulator?

A. About once a month, soak the Weight in detergent solution for some time, then clean it with a piece of cloth to remove all the dirt and food particles. Pour hot water to remove traces of detergent and use it again.

 If you have any queries, do email us. We will revert to you at the earliest possible time.


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